Way to produce hygienized drinking water everywhere

Waterleancom is a water purifier that uses any sweet surface– or ground water as input water, and purifies it to drinking and/or household quality without any additive chemicals and with very low energy consumption. It does not remove the natural water minerals. Only electricity or fuel for generator is needed as external input.

One unit produces 3 000 – 5 000 litres of hygienized water in an hour. The water producing system is build into a single 20” sea container, and can be easily transported everywhere, also to remote areas. As it is equipped with own generator and can produce the needed electricity itself.

It can work as the only water source in household or other piping systems, independent unit in remote ares or as first help unit in catastrophic areas. It is designed as easy to transport ”plug’n’play’ –unit, and can be left to serve as long term drinking water source. The hygienized water can be used continuously as the only drinking water source, as used purifying method does not remove the healthy minerals from water source.

The system is completely automatized. It runs independently without personnel. If own generator is used, the daily or weekly surveillance requires only ensuring that fuel to the generator engine is available. Incoming check-ups and maintenance are needed for generator engine maintenance. The actual water purigying system needs surveillance or service only in intervals of several months. The system functions can also be followed remotely.

The assembly is simple and starting the unit requires basic assembly and tuning for each available input water. The own energy production is the key factor as speeded assembly is required i.e. in catastrofic areas.

Energy consumption is very competitive compared to other transportable drinking water production systems. The electricity is needed ca 1 W / 1 litre. With the capacity of existing container this requires either diesel fuel 2 – 2,5 l/h, or connection to the electricity grid with 5 – 6 kWh consumption. When calculating real running costs, it must be taken into the consideration that no chemical logistics is required.

The system works also in tropical conditions. Please note that the limitations are that input cannot be salt water or contain certain hazardous chemicals.